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10 Unpopular Truths of Mechanical Keyboards

You might not like most of them.

7 min readOct 22, 2020


The mechanical keyboard craze of the past decade or so doesn’t seem to end. Hey, that’s all well and good, I am an avid mechanical keyboard user myself and recently recommended you should buy one in 2020, if you haven’t already. It even appears like you can’t even get rubberdome keyboards anymore, except the cheap pack-ins of major retailers and manufacturers like Dell or Lenovo.

Still, once you’re familiar with this fascinating subculture, there are some unpopular truths about mechanical keyboards revealing themselves. Here are the most unpopular ones, according to me.

Cherry MX switches are not the best, just very common.

Cherry MX switches are to be found in most mechanical keyboards off the shelf nowadays. Yes, they are “Made in Germany” and they do their job, giving you an introduction into the mechanical keyboard world. But compared to the vastness of mechanical key switches out there, the Cherry MX switches are really just your most basic option and the tip of a very huge iceberg. There are even “clone” switches like Gaterons that can often easily match the quality of Cherry MX switches and at times even surpass them for a much lower cost.

50 million keystrokes mean nothing.

The truth is, most likely, before anyone of us wears out the expected lifespan of any mechanical key switch two things will happen:

  1. Low quality keycaps (ABS plastic, laser etched or poor dye sub) will become shiny and look really used, the lettering may even come off.
  2. Even more likely is before all of that happens you will lose interest in your current mecha and move on to the next shiny mechanical keyboard.

Topre keyswitches are neither mechanical nor the best.

Topre keyswitches are rubberdomes with a spring. There, I said it. You could argue, that they are hybrids, but really they are rubberdomes. Obscenely expensive rubberdomes. And you know what? That’s fine. Quality rubberdome keyboards don’t need to shy away from being compared to mechanical keyboards. Truth be told, many people won’t even…




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