screenshot of the videogame shadow warriors, running on gameboy
Screenshot of “Shadow Warriors” by TECMO.

5 Gameboy Games That Are Still Fun Today



The best games already exist!

A while ago I officially quit gaming. Well, except an occassional burst of playing original Gameboy games here and there. Why Gameboy and what games? I’ll tell you…

Being fed up with videogames of today

I used to be an avid videogamer since the age of 7, starting on my C64. Since then I went through plenty of computers and consoles and playing videogames was a huge part of my life. Literally wasting good chunks of my youth.

A conclusion, I was only able to make in my 30s.

Looking back, I can say, that I was addicted. Spending around 3 hours of playing videogames a day in my adulthood, plenty more hours in my teenage years (up to 12 hours on occassion).

The state of affairs in the current videogames industry woke me up. Better late than never, I guess. I was fed up buying the same games over and over again, only having to deal with massive day one patches and weeks upon weeks of the developers trying to fix bugs, that shouldn’t be in a release title to begin with. Meanwhile the microtransaction-shop was working just perfectly.

a group of young males sitting together, playing videogames at some sort of convention
Addiction. Right there. Photo by Stem List on Unsplash

Been there, done that.

That’s the feeling I had with every single game I tried to like, before my interest in videogames completely died down. Nothing was exciting anymore. I couldn’t “believe” in the videogame world anymore as much as I believe in the fictional world of a good book.

I just “lost” it.

For a while, I still had fun playing videogames with my friends, in the same room, on a couch. Just having fun like back in the Super Nintendo days. It was more the social factor, than the videogames really, that kept me interested.

But eventually, this also faded.

I sold my Playstation 4 and the expensive graphics card from my desktop PC, turning it into a 6-core workhorse only.

The shift in my efforts

It’s hard to tell, if I lost interest in videogames, because of a…




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