a mechanical keyboard on a deskmat

Yes, there is a thing like that.

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, ANSI-US users have it best, hands down. They benefit from the widest available selection of prebuilt mechanical keyboards, switches, keycaps and a plethora of additional modding options.

When it comes to other layouts, especially the ISO-layouts and the DE in particular (german, as used…

Mark Zuckerberg street art

How it will end humanity

Our world is fake and was fake for a while now. But with the rise of Social Media we were able to spread the fakery even further. Many people are miserable, but if you look at their Social Media they seem to lead the happiest of lives. Yada, yada, yada…

sophisticated guy holding a book and carrying a leather bag

How to do better.

How to reach 100 subs? How to earn 5.000 Dollars a week? How to get the girl? How to lose 10 pounds in a week? How to build confidence? How to build an e-mail list? How to become a writer? How to write a novel? How to …

You get…

Cherry G80–3000N RGB TKL keyboard

Can a revived classic impress today?

One has to wonder, why the manufacturer of the world’s best known mechanical keyboard switches, Germany based “Cherry”, doesn’t produce any impressive mechanical keyboards themselves. Well, obviously it’s far more profitable to sell a trillion mechanical switches to keyboard manufacturers all over the world, than risking significant investment into creating…

Lenovo full sized keyboard

… not what you expect

Just recently I made a good deal on one of those tiny ThinkCentre computers ( I just couldn’t resist) to use as my Linux box. I’ll come up with an in-depth article about that one (and why it is a valid alternative for everyone who needs a fast, tiny computer)…


Hailing from Austria, a self-employed graphics designer and writer since 2009. Loves long walks in the forest, thoughtful solitude and silly raccoons.

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