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Austria Seems to Have Reached Herd Immunity but No One Cares…

Official graphs paint a clear picture, or do they?

3 min readSep 7, 2020


I’ll make this short, as I am pretty sure everyone has had enough of Corona articles and “news” already. I’m not going to make predictions, I’m not going to give a biased article and definitely I will not scaremonger. I also understand that Austria, my home country, and it’s numbers may not be representative for your region.

Still, I think it’s interesting.

I present to you the official chart, as reported by our state, mainstream media. This is no alt-news crap, it’s the real deal.

austrian corona statistics

Let me translate what you’re seeing here real quick for you:

This chart is from 15th of August, 2020. The red line is the positive tests, the blue line is people who have recovered and are well, the yellow line is actually active cases who need medical care and the grey line is corona-related deaths. We are ramping up testing each and every day, we test much more than back in march but serious cases or even deaths remain low to non-existant.

So, now make of that what you will, but most of the time our media outlets just report the positively tested cases, the red line, but if you put it into perspective to the others, to me, it looks like we’ve finally reached herd immunity. You know, back in March when we dreamed of reaching herd immunity by enough exposure?

Now we have many positive tests, very little to none serious cases and no more deaths related to Corona. Flattening the curve much? How much is enough? Herd immunity reached? Corona Virus not as dangerous (anymore)? What’s happening?

I have to be fair and say, that we in Austria were only briefly in lockdown and compared to even Germany and especially english speaking countries we have very mild rules in effect. Still there’s plenty of hoops to jump through, gastro and tourism lie in shambles, small business are hit very hard as “recovery-payments” from the government often don’t arrive in time before bankruptcy or many businesses are just simply not receiving…




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