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Crazy writer coming up with “content”. Midjourney.

Everything is… Content?

How sick it is to try and monetize everything

3 min readSep 6, 2023


I am a writer and I produce content. Content can be a lot. Probably everything. If I scroll through my recommended reading list on Medium I see the same sorts of articles all over again.

  • Get good in X in Y days
  • This is how much money I earned doing X
  • Your life will change if you do X
  • This political thing X is outrageous because Y

I wonder, how many “personal spins” can be made on one and the same subject before it becomes stale. Do we even notice anymore?

I have the impression everything is content these days, especially on video platforms. Random person X has opinion Y on subject Z. Great. And in the morning they had X for breakfast. Random person on the internet prefers X outfit over Y because, reasons. Random person on the internet is outraged about the current thing X.


When creating content myself I often think: What is content? How often can I talk about mechanical keyboards, philosophy and writing before I’ve spilled my beans? I probably already have.

Fact is:

I am not an interesting person.

I live in a small town with very average people, I was never a big traveler and I never made millions doing anything special. I can only provide my perspective on things others have provided their perspective on a million times over. That’s it.

I even have to be a fiction writer, because all the interesting things I need to make up. Kinda like Lovecraft.

Why even bother anymore?

I could tell you about all the silly shit that happens in my daily life, when I’m standing in line buying groceries or when I am overhearing a conversation of my neighbors about how it is the hottest summer since 100.000 years and therefore they need to water the lawn more (that they cut ultra short every 5 days… ). I could also provide a great list of examples how often I hit my toe somewhere, drop something or fail otherwise.

But that’s about it.




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