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Is This The Perfect Printer for Writers?



When proofreading on screen just doesn’t cut it — you need a reliable, economical printer!

I read a lot. I write a lot. I print a lot. I refuse to completely transfer my workflow to digital only, as I am sick enough already from looking at a bazillion different screens during the day. I like paper. With this mindset I was looking into a whole lot of printers, to find a reliable greyscale-only workhorse, that prints crisp text economically (i.e. cheap) and quickly. I’ve finally found what I was looking for and want to share my experiences with you.

It’s 2020, Why Even A Printer?

Well, in times of climate-related buzzwords it might seem a bit backwards to talk about printers, when the work of a writer actually can be done 100% paperless. Still, I’m old(school) and when writing short stories or other forms of creative prose, I like to print (in ECO-mode, mind you) my manuscripts, to give them a few reads and take notes directly on paper.

Also, in my daily work-life I often need to print documents for reference, which is much easier on my already strained eyes, than working on yet another screen.

So maybe, you’re like me and you want to archive your stories, proofread them on real paper or maybe you want to keep a paper-backup of important E-Mails — then this printer is for you!

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Reading from paper will always beat reading from a screen (except those lovely e-ink screens). Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

Why THIS Printer?

I’ve been looking for a workhorse of a printer with low running costs for quite a while. I’ve been on the laser-train the longest time but printing costs, if you print a lot and don’t actually sell the prints you make (like a copy shop), can accumulate quickly to undesireable amounts.

So, when I stumbled over the EcoTank line of printers by Epson a while back, I was intrigued. I was eyeing some of their bigger machines, the all-in-one types with color-printing, copy-function etc. but settled on this one, because it is, how I like my things: simple and functional.

It’s meant to churn out text-laden documents in huge volumes on plain, recycled or extra thin paper (to…




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