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Mastering Pacing: The Heartbeat of Your Story

Don’t rush, don’t bore — here’s how to get it right

4 min readSep 15, 2023


Pacing is the rhythm of your tale. It’s the heartbeat that keeps readers glued to every word. Ever felt a story drag or race too fast? That’s pacing at play. I’ve been investigating to find useful tips for myself and I found some really useful advice I just keep forgetting about when I’m writing my novel. I’ve tried to condense it all down as best as I could to not waste anyone’s time and make it easier to remember.

Pacing — let’s unlock its secrets.

The Power of the Pause

Ever noticed the silence between musical notes? That’s where the magic lies. In writing, it’s not just about the action but the pauses between them. Use breaks to let moments sink in. Let your readers breathe. Well placed pauses will enhance the gravitas of certain events, reactions and situations.

Fast vs. Slow: It’s All About Balance

Life has its fast and slow moments. So should your story. Intense action scenes? Speed up. Emotional moments? Slow down. It’s a dance, and you’re the choreographer. Also you can create immediacy by ramping up the odds against your protagonist. Let’s have the bad guys swarm in on him, his smartphone is listening in on…




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