Mudita Pure phone in sunlight
Mudita Pure phone in bright sunlight, perfectly visible screen.

Mudita Pure Review

The Clever Dumb Phone

10 min readMar 21, 2022


Finally it has arrived. After an agonizing wait since backing the project way back in early 2020, I finally got my charcoal black Mudita Pure phone. It’s a special piece of hardware in this day and age. I’ll tell you why, how my experience with backing a crowd funded project was and most importantly, is it any good? Let’s go.

Why you would want a Mudita Pure phone

You’d want a Mudita Pure phone if you…

  • want to support a small polish company of bright minds out to change the world for the better
  • are overwhelmed by your smartphone and want your attention span back
  • are sick of all the tech craze and upgrading to the latest flag ship phone every year
  • are not ready to completely go live in a cave, yet
  • can value “pure” design
  • don’t give a damn about social media
  • want to start meditating but never ever find the time or motivation to

I’m sure there are other reasons too. One would probably say you’d want a Mudita Pure phone if you are a “new age neo hippie” or something. Anyways, as you can clearly see on my photos, the Mudita Pure phone is a simple dumb phone and quite the antithesis to modern phones. But…




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