beautiful boy maine coon cat
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Owning and Loving Maine Coon Cats

An honest PROS & CONS

6 min readOct 7, 2022


I’m a cat person since I was a child and I spent lots of time with two beautiful, kind Maine Coon cats. Recently, the boy died. I’m still struggling with grieving the loss of my pal, you can read about my efforts here (for free).

Now my remaining Maine Coon cat, the girl, is ill too and it doesn’t look good. I’m devastated. But I got lots of time to think while waiting for things to change for the better. I want to share my insight with you about owning and loving Maine Coon cats, given their recent reemerging popularity, you might want to read this, before you go and get a Maine Coon.

Honest PROS & CONS of owning Maine Coon Cats


  • gentle and loving
  • curious and playful, even in old age
  • talkative, commenting on mostly everything
  • strong, soothing purr
  • talented with their paws
  • very intelligent, can learn some tricks
  • very empathic, picking up on your moods
  • simply beautiful
  • huge


  • expensive to get
  • hard to find a responsible breeder
  • prone to many race specific diseases
  • may only live 8 to 10 years
  • sometimes they die even earlier due to genetics
  • due to their size, everything you buy for them is expensive
  • they love destroying your house
  • lots and lots of hairballs
  • constant haircare is recommended (they may hate it)
  • due to their empathic nature, they pick up on stress easily and can get ill from it
  • siblings don’t always get along
  • they grow and eat a lot
  • they will be constantly around you, watch your steps
  • not safe to have them roam free due to being stolen or them being too trusty and clumsy
  • they need lots of attention and will demand it vigorously

Concluding thoughts




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