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That’s my logo I created for the mechanical keyboard affiliate site. Neat huh?

So, I Started an Affiliate Site

About testing mechanical keyboards for the german market

4 min readAug 3, 2022


It is one of the most prolific side hustles, starting an affiliate marketing site on the webs. If you look through medium alone you, will find a gazillion guides and articles, on how this is one of the most bestest and amazing things you should do, besides building your email list, to become a successful one-man-show entrepreneur.

I dabbled in T-Shirt designs and dropshipping before and along the way I got bitten by the mechanical keyboard bug. So, what lies closer than to make a website about mechanical keyboards, with blog posts, guides and actual, real tests of mechanical keyboards. You know, most affiliate sites are kinda fraudulent, they compare products and write about them based on their amazon description, without ever holding the actual product in your hands.

I try to do something authentic.

Here’s how it went so far.

The Mechanical Keyboard market in the german speaking regions of the world is garbage

The problem is the keyboards with german layout and lettering. Everything in the world seems to be built around ANSI-US layout. The differences are apparent.




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